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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I Love My Crazy Sister

I love my crazy sister,
She can face a monster.
Anyone who comes in her way,
Will get caterpillars in their hay.**
When she's angry, she's red,
She loves to eat cheese and bread.
She is very crazy,
But not at all lazy.
She makes the bed and cleans the house,
Acting like a squealing mouse.
And she is so funny
Just like a bunny.
She is really cute
And never remains mute.
She complains-"party dresses itch"
And doesn't like to be rich.
I'll tell you she is smart
And really good at heart!

**They are sure to get into trouble!

(I missed school today as I was down with fever.So I thought of writing a poem about my sister.She's really crazy, but very intelligent and smart.She's very studious and hardworking too..I am posting a cute picture drawn by her in MSpaint..)


  1. Nice poem Navaneetha.keep it up. You are really talented. Don't stop writing poems like these.I am sure that you'll be an amazing writer one day.

    God Bless You. :)

  2. My dear Navaneetha, I am proud of you.
    Keep it up, God bless you :)

  3. Nice lines Nani ... Neetis picture also good .. All the best wishes to both of you ...

  4. Thanks Mayavi though I don't know who you are!

  5. Thanks Vinu mama and Latheef Uncle.