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Friday, 30 September 2011

My Cute Puffy

I have a cat named Puffy,
She is very fluffy.
I love her so much,
Especially her soft touch.
Her favourite colour is blue,
And she always plays with glue.
She likes to eat
Very tasty meat.
No dogs come to catch her,
It's because of her "purr".
Her skin colour is brown,
I once bought her a gown.
She is really sweet,
And very less neat!*

*She always plays in the mud and is very dirty.

(Hi friends, I am back with a new poem.Sorry for being late. It was all 'cos of the heavy school works!)


  1. Nanikutty congrats.. Its interesting and funny .. Keep writing ..

  2. nice one navaneetha...I liked your poem :)

  3. Thank you Latheef uncle and Shyma aunty..