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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I really wish...

I really wish I were a grown up!

If I were a grown up,
I would have gone on journeys across the world
Filling my head with knowledge.

If I were a grown up,
I would have been a writer
Winning kids' hearts through my books.

If I were a grown up,
I would have been a performer
Entertaining half a country, at least.

If I were a grown up
I would have been a journalist
Reporting from every corner of the globe.

If I were a grown up,
I would have been a pilot
Flying people to their destinations.

If I were a grown up,
I would have been an astronaut
Travelling to the moon often, just for fun.

But it's sad to know that
Only because I'm a kid
I cannot do any of these.

So,I really wish I were a grown up!

(I wrote this poem based on the topic given by Times of Oman-"If I were a grown up".
It was published on 17.11.11)

Friday, 30 September 2011

My Cute Puffy

I have a cat named Puffy,
She is very fluffy.
I love her so much,
Especially her soft touch.
Her favourite colour is blue,
And she always plays with glue.
She likes to eat
Very tasty meat.
No dogs come to catch her,
It's because of her "purr".
Her skin colour is brown,
I once bought her a gown.
She is really sweet,
And very less neat!*

*She always plays in the mud and is very dirty.

(Hi friends, I am back with a new poem.Sorry for being late. It was all 'cos of the heavy school works!)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I Love My Crazy Sister

I love my crazy sister,
She can face a monster.
Anyone who comes in her way,
Will get caterpillars in their hay.**
When she's angry, she's red,
She loves to eat cheese and bread.
She is very crazy,
But not at all lazy.
She makes the bed and cleans the house,
Acting like a squealing mouse.
And she is so funny
Just like a bunny.
She is really cute
And never remains mute.
She complains-"party dresses itch"
And doesn't like to be rich.
I'll tell you she is smart
And really good at heart!

**They are sure to get into trouble!

(I missed school today as I was down with fever.So I thought of writing a poem about my sister.She's really crazy, but very intelligent and smart.She's very studious and hardworking too..I am posting a cute picture drawn by her in MSpaint..)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pink Blossom

My favourite doll is 'Pink Blossom',
She is really cute and awesome.
I always catch her glimpses,
She's sure to be a princess.
I say she's so beautiful,
May be more than wonderful.
I wish I knew magic,
To make her more fantastic.
I know she likes to have a berry,
And be always nice and merry.
I'm afraid I have other toys,
But she's the one who makes my joys.
I go to the window and when I lean,
I see people out there,eager to see my lovely queen!

(I wrote this poem about my favourite lovely little Barbie doll whom I call Pink Blossom- 18th Aug 2011)

Friday, 12 August 2011

Stop being selfish

We must help, we must help,
We must help the suffering people.
Stop being selfish,
Stop being greedy.
Start helping those
Who're dying with hunger.
And please don't follow those,
Who are being really mean.
Big or small-we must help
To make this world a worthy place.
Help the poor and needy,
Stop the bad and greedy.
Help the children
Who don't even have water- a drop
Help them survive
And stop them from starving to death.

We must help,we must help,
Help,help in every way
And make this earth a paradise
A better place for mankind!

(This poem was written based on the topic 'We Must Help' given by Thursday weekly of Times of Oman. It was published in the weekly on 11/08/11.
But I like to write on my own than based on given topics.)

My Sweet Dad

My dad is so humble,
None can make him tumble.

He's so sweet,
A real 'Happy Feet'.

Always in front of the 'PC',
Never switches off the 'AC'.

Indeed a great lad,
Not at all bad.

In no time helps the needy,
And not a little greedy.

Really an awesome man,
I am his great fan!

(I wrote this poem about my dear Achan who's really adorable, amazing , lovely, handsome and what not?-11/08/11)

(This poem was published in Times of Oman Thursday Magazine on 13.10.11)

My Tiny Cutie Pencils

I love tiny cutie pencils
They are so small and sweet!
I keep them safe all the time.
If I lose one I get sad,
And if I gain one I get happy.
I think they are magical
'Cause they make my writing 'fantastical'.
I adore them very much
And I believe they adore me too!

(I really have a collection of tiny pencils and they make my handwriting look better than the longer ones!!!- 04/08/11)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Wonderful World

The world,the wonderful world!
It looks so bright and green.
As birds fly around merrily,
As bees move around joyfully,
As fishes swim about happily,
I see a beautiful fleck of nature,
With the sky just above
And the little dark woods all around!

(19thJuly 2011)

The Lovely Moon

The moon,the lovely moon!
It's as white as snow,
As round as a ball,
And as beautiful as a rose.
The changing shapes and lovely colours
Make it look like a flower.
Oh!I love the moon
And wish I was sailing in the sky,
Touching the moon as I pass by.

(12th July2011)


One, two, three
Father got a pea.
He ate the pea 
And went home free!

(I made it like inky-pinky for games, but Amma called it a nursery rhyme)

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Mysterious Sea

The sea,the mysterious sea,
 It is so deep and blue.
And it makes me think
The world is never gonna end.
It goes on and on,
And I feel it slides on to the sky!
It's a mystery to me,
What treasures it holds under!
And I dream of going down
To see the hidden wonders!

(I wrote this poem with the help of my sis on 12th July)

The Morning Sun

At the beach I see,
The early morning sun.
It hides behind the clouds,
But its rays fall into the sea.
Each time it goes in and comes out,
I feel the sun and the clouds
Are playing hide'n'seek.

(I wrote this poem in June at the Seeb beach when I went there for a morning walk with my family)

Teeny Weeny Ants

The working ants,
Oh! the teeny weeny busy ants.
I see them work all the day,
And never see them being tired.
They steal food from Granma's kitchen,
And fill their tiny cutie tummies.
But if we don't let them go ,
They'll let their 'stingie things',
Hurt our feet and off they go,
Making their way home happily.

(I wrote this poem this March when I was at Appooppan and Ammoomma's house)


Pitter-Patter, Pitter-Patter,
The rain comes down
And we go out to see
The showers of blessings from the sky.
And as I get drenched,
I feel I'm all blessed !

(I wrote this poem last December when I was at Achamma's house for vacation)

Oh! My Sky

Oh! my sky, loving pie,
I like you when you smile.
You're blue when you smlie
And it'll rain when you cry!

(My first poem- I wrote this when I was at Kochi studying in ClassII
This was published in Times of Oman in March 2010)