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Friday, 12 August 2011

Stop being selfish

We must help, we must help,
We must help the suffering people.
Stop being selfish,
Stop being greedy.
Start helping those
Who're dying with hunger.
And please don't follow those,
Who are being really mean.
Big or small-we must help
To make this world a worthy place.
Help the poor and needy,
Stop the bad and greedy.
Help the children
Who don't even have water- a drop
Help them survive
And stop them from starving to death.

We must help,we must help,
Help,help in every way
And make this earth a paradise
A better place for mankind!

(This poem was written based on the topic 'We Must Help' given by Thursday weekly of Times of Oman. It was published in the weekly on 11/08/11.
But I like to write on my own than based on given topics.)