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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The hatchling and me

A turtle-hatchling  was all alone,
Beneath the sky, below the moon.
She had no hope finding her way
Till there came the sun’s ray.
Oh! so much scared was she
‘Cause nothing she could see.
In the cool pale moonlight
Not a thing  there was bright.
Her sorrow I really felt,
My heart  did easily melt.
I did a thing that was right
To make her safe that night.
I led her to the home- the sea
And I knew she’d be in glee.
As I sat back watching her track
She expressed a ‘thanks’ turning back!


Inspired by the green turtle hatchlings I saw at Ras al Jinz.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

If I become the 'Head Girl'

If I become the 'Head Girl'
I'll give each one of you a pearl.

I'll make it rain chocolates galore
And I don't think you'll have to buy much more.

I'll flood you with icecreams from head to toe
And I think you'll have to duck a little low.

I'll give you tons of things you never knew much
But I'm afraid you'll eat too much.

So, even if I don't become the 'Head Girl'
Keep in mind, I'm a 'Smart Girl'!

( I wrote this for my Head Girl candidate speech.
Everybody gave me a big hand, but nobody voted!
So I lost, but I became the class prefect !)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mother's Love

One cold Tuesday morning
My mom woke me up wishing "Good Morning".
Look out of the window,said she
When I did,Oh! I couldn't believe my eyes.
A flock of sheep grazing ,led by two shepherd boys
Never in my life had I seen such a wonderful sight.
Let's go down to see them,said she
Oh! yes Oh! yes replied I.

We went down and saw them.
There were big ones and small ones, everyone furry.
Were they scared seeing us?
May be, because they ran here and there.
All but one little lamb ran away.
Did she stay for fun? wondered I.
But all at once I saw a big sheep
Coming near her calling out "Baa,Baa"
Ah! it's her mother ,thought I,
Telling her,"Oh my child don't be lost in your thoughts"!
She ran towards her baby as fast as she can
And took her soon away from us.

At that moment realised I
Mother's love is the strongest thing in the world,
Which helps us lead the path of life
Without any big mistakes!

( For my Amma on Mother's day)

The One I Admire...

The one I admire and admire the most
Is my wonderful class teacher.

She's sweet as a parrot
And beautiful as a rose!
She sings so well
Just like a happy nightingale!

When I am in a very bad mood
I just think about her.
And the musical voice and glowing smile
Makes me feel good.

When it comes to studies,
I know I've to use my wits.
But my class teacher makes it easier
To study any hard lesson.

As the year comes to an end,
I know am going to miss her
And I really wish,
She'll teach me next year too.

I admire and love my class teacher
And I'm sure she loves me too..

( This poem is for my beloved Bindu Madam..I wish she'll teach me Malayalam next year too...)

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Hey, just take a look at the good old times,
When there were trees and rivers all around,
With nature as pleasant as it can be,
With peace all around.

Now, just watch the world today,
With polluted rivers and garbage dumped everywhere,
Oh! we human beings are spoiling mother nature,
By cutting trees and leaving birds homeless.

So let us start conserving nature!
Stop cutting trees and polluting the rivers.
Don't keep it to yourself, tell others too.
It's never too late,try to do it right now!

(Hi friends.. I am back!!This poem was written some time back, but I forgot to post it here)