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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pink Blossom

My favourite doll is 'Pink Blossom',
She is really cute and awesome.
I always catch her glimpses,
She's sure to be a princess.
I say she's so beautiful,
May be more than wonderful.
I wish I knew magic,
To make her more fantastic.
I know she likes to have a berry,
And be always nice and merry.
I'm afraid I have other toys,
But she's the one who makes my joys.
I go to the window and when I lean,
I see people out there,eager to see my lovely queen!

(I wrote this poem about my favourite lovely little Barbie doll whom I call Pink Blossom- 18th Aug 2011)


  1. mmm........ i will also write abt my philomina francis.she is still there at ammumma's kitchen

  2. Write about philomina francis and send it to me.I will make a poem out of it.amma told me about your "fifi"

  3. Congrats Mol ... Nice lines ...

  4. Navaneetha, This is Mridula. I liked your poem 'crazy sister' very much.