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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

If I become the 'Head Girl'

If I become the 'Head Girl'
I'll give each one of you a pearl.

I'll make it rain chocolates galore
And I don't think you'll have to buy much more.

I'll flood you with icecreams from head to toe
And I think you'll have to duck a little low.

I'll give you tons of things you never knew much
But I'm afraid you'll eat too much.

So, even if I don't become the 'Head Girl'
Keep in mind, I'm a 'Smart Girl'!

( I wrote this for my Head Girl candidate speech.
Everybody gave me a big hand, but nobody voted!
So I lost, but I became the class prefect !)


  1. no probs, nani.u became class perfect thats gr8.if i were there in ur schul i would hv voted for u 1000times.lov u ...........

    1. Oh no Achumema.Actually I didn't become a bit sad.You know who won?Neethi Kutty!Isn't that great?
      Love you
      Nani kutty.

  2. Nice one Navaneetha. My cousin John Sherry is studying in Indian School,Muscat Class 5. Do you know him?

  3. so sweet . enjoyed it very very much!!!! love and hugs darling