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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mother's Love

One cold Tuesday morning
My mom woke me up wishing "Good Morning".
Look out of the window,said she
When I did,Oh! I couldn't believe my eyes.
A flock of sheep grazing ,led by two shepherd boys
Never in my life had I seen such a wonderful sight.
Let's go down to see them,said she
Oh! yes Oh! yes replied I.

We went down and saw them.
There were big ones and small ones, everyone furry.
Were they scared seeing us?
May be, because they ran here and there.
All but one little lamb ran away.
Did she stay for fun? wondered I.
But all at once I saw a big sheep
Coming near her calling out "Baa,Baa"
Ah! it's her mother ,thought I,
Telling her,"Oh my child don't be lost in your thoughts"!
She ran towards her baby as fast as she can
And took her soon away from us.

At that moment realised I
Mother's love is the strongest thing in the world,
Which helps us lead the path of life
Without any big mistakes!

( For my Amma on Mother's day)


  1. Nice lines Nani .. We were waiting for your new poem and posting .. Congrats .. Regards to all ..

    1. Thank you Latheef uncle.My HI to Ichu chechi,Simi chechi and Fairose aunty.