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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The hatchling and me

A turtle-hatchling  was all alone,
Beneath the sky, below the moon.
She had no hope finding her way
Till there came the sun’s ray.
Oh! so much scared was she
‘Cause nothing she could see.
In the cool pale moonlight
Not a thing  there was bright.
Her sorrow I really felt,
My heart  did easily melt.
I did a thing that was right
To make her safe that night.
I led her to the home- the sea
And I knew she’d be in glee.
As I sat back watching her track
She expressed a ‘thanks’ turning back!


Inspired by the green turtle hatchlings I saw at Ras al Jinz.


  1. vow...very nice...

  2. I also expressing a thanks as done by the turtle for sharing this poem .. Keep writing dear Nani..Congrats ..

  3. Thank you Latheef uncle and Sherief uncle!

  4. hi navaneetha
    its me laavanya your class 4 classmate
    this poem of yours is exuberant